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Knowing Outsourcing Consultants Outsourcing is becoming the preferred option by many firms, for the simple reason that the job helps prospective firms to cut down costs in their businesses by outsourcing a third party firm. An example of this job is a situation where the outsourcing consultant is hired to evaluate a business company, which would like to save on operational costs, and after evaluation, the consultant recommends outsourcing a third party firm to do the payroll and IT for the company. From this, the outsourcing consultant will search for the best third party firm that will be beneficial to the client’s company in terms of price, efficiency, and relevance to the client’s company. To search for the right outsourcing consultant can be not that simple and a possibility of being expensive. Looking for an outsourcing consultant must be based on certain quality requirements. Traditional outsourcing consultants usually focus their jobs more on getting the best price in the outsourcing deal, an effective adviser optimizes the opportunities of outsourcing. By adopting this approach, the optimization focus results into improved efficiency, as well as affording a good ROI, benefits and risk mitigation.
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One of the observations of conventional outsourcing consultants is the tendency to employ a Request for Proposal (RFP) approach, which is like a solicitation bidding process, in outsourcing third party firms by following a procurement focused system. Improved approaches in outsourcing works on a flexible RFP procedure.
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Further, conventional outsource consultancy leans heavily on the terms and conditions, pricing databases, and mark-to-market studies, the new outsourcing consultants leverage its benchmark practice and database to come up to a sourcing strategy that can deliver improvements and efficiency in outsourcing. An effective outsourcing consultant combines expertise and experience in creating a resourceful strategy to outsource attaining this through their extensive know-how in process transformation, business functions like finance, HR, procurement and IT. In total, through effective outsourcing consultancy, the client is afforded with a long-term outsourcing provider relationship that will be supportive to the client’s progress. It is also best to understand the payment structure in outsourcing consultants. On a regular conditions, IT consulting fees is on a per day basis and per consultant basis. A fixed fee for IT consulting contract is applicable only to projects, which are well defined, such as infrastructure refreshment projects, network design, implementation of specific well described features, such as monitoring platforms, and infrastructure capacity planning. Many companies favor the fixed fee IT consulting because of its provision of a time frame, which they expect to continue for a longer time. What other companies may require is to apply a per day basis payment structure but with a fixed time, which is favorable for the outsourcing consulting firm, however, no incentive will be afforded on completed assignments within the fixed time. One drawback with this structure is the risk of project and cost overrun.